Author: HortiSmart Solutions

Wind machines

We are used to see large blades in the field for electricity production. But there is also technology to protect frost gardens by blowing with fans.

We offer you the opportunity to achieve better yields from your gardens through smart technical solutions, professional project design and construction.

In Bulgaria, the most affected by late spring frosts are stone fruit orchards. The most common are cherries and plums for direct consumption. Considering the standard yields for traditional orchard cherry and plum and the low purchase price, we can give the following examples:

  • Cherry: With a yield of about 1.5 tonnes per acre and a minimum price of 0.7lv/kg for an area of 80 acres a value of 84,000 BGN is obtained.
  • Plum: With a yield of about 3.0 tons per acre and a minimum price of 0.35lv/kg for an area of 80 acres a value of 84,000 BGN is obtained.

These examples are of standard extensive cultivation, which is increasingly developing in Bulgaria. With intensive cultivation of crops, at least 50% higher yields can be expected.

Frost fans are using warm air rising above the gardens, which, through turbulent movement of the air caused by the fins, returns to the garden and prevents it from freezing. The wind machine can be moved by tractor pulling. It is the only such solution in the world that can successfully protect both flat and hilly terrain. The start of the machine is automatic. The construction is robust and stable over time. It can be used for cooling in summer heat.